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I’m embarking on something new, as the Lord has led me over the last several months. I just completed an extensive course through Church Consultation University. I am now a Certified Church Consultant (CCC).

I’m grateful to have this designation and I’ve worked hard to attain it. I’m thankful for the Lord’s direction in my life to offer help and assistance to struggling churches, pastors, church leaders. I don’t have all the answers, but I bring a background of almost 15 years in the business world and 15 years as a pastor to the table.

Therefore, I offer opportunities for pastors, churches and church leaders to utilize my experience in growing a church from 275 people to over 700 in 10 years. We paid off a $3 million building debt in the process. I offer consultation packages that include everything from complete, on-site comprehensive consultations to simply communicating via phone or internet (face) calls. You can contact me directly at: pastordkevinbrown@gmail.com.

Now for the story that led me to consulting: The church I’ve been pastoring was founded in 1875. That’s only ten years removed from the Civil War. I have been pastoring for 15+ years. When I took over we were averaging 275 people and today we have three services and close to 700 people attending on Sunday mornings. We are in a rural setting in western, NC. When I took over the church was $3 million in debt on a building program (having a new building), and the Sunday I was elected, the Church Treasurer told me (after the vote) that we had $12 in the General Checking Account and that he had raided the General fund to make the Building payment.

Can you say, “Swallow hard…what have I done!!!” I looked at my brother in Christ, our worship pastor, and I said, “We’ve got one choice in this deal…grow or die.” He agreed. But how? Bottom line…we had to become relevant. We were worshiping the same way we had for 30 years and he said, “I want to move to more contemporary music.” I said, “Do it.” I said, “I’m going to start being me and stop trying to be like the old pastor of the church, who just left.” But, here’s why I’m writing this thread… We didn’t not bulldoze the older people. We did not shove this down their throat.

So, we decided to have a luncheon and cater it with BBQ and the fixings and invite all those over 65 years of age. We had about 60-70 people show up. Long story, short. After the meal and dessert (strawberry shortcake, which was a smashing hit!), we shared. (Side note: As I shared earlier…$12 in the bank…we had to put the meal on the church credit card…because we were in essence, broke.) As we shared…you could hear a pin drop. The looks on the faces weren’t great. When you talk about change…well…it usually goes over like a lead balloon. But, when you talk about changing the music…well…it could mean DEATH! :slight_smile:

We asked if there were any questions (after sharing for about 30 minutes…sharing our vision and the need to reach new people, families, etc), no one asked anything. Finally, one of the elder gentlemen in the church said, “Brother Pastor, may I say a word?” Oh man…you know how that goes? I thought, “Okay…here goes…we’re toast!” I said, “Go ahead Brother…let the Lord speak through you…” Well, he shared for maybe thirty seconds and the gist of what he said was, “Folks, we’ve had our day…our music, our style…our time…now it’s time to trust these boys and let the Lord use them…as for me…I won’t stand in the way…I believe the Lord is going to use them to take us places we’ve never seen.” He sat down. I had NO IDEA he was going to say that! Oh, thank you Jesus!! That’s all I could say!

The total attitude and atmosphere changed…not only that day but in the days ahead. It was a blessing indeed. Now, this isn’t to say that everyone was on board with our vision…some weren’t. One lady told our worship pastor a few Sundays later: “I’d love to smash that guitar on the stage! I miss the organ music!” Well, that lady, today, is one or our biggest advocates and has bought into the vision. What I’m hoping to get across is to take the time to try to not alienate when you are making change in the church, particularly the older folks. They are the folks who got us to where we were. It was on their backs… They paid the bills…taught the classes…made the sacrifices…and now (in their old age) they are being asked to sacrifice again…and they did. And today we are the better for it.

Can an older church change? Yes! It’s possible and I’d like to encourage you in the process. Contact me and let’s begin the conversation. pastordkevinbrown@gmail.com.

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