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It’s All True!

That’s the overriding mindset I have as I’ve returned from visiting the land where Jesus walked, Israel: “It’s all true!” I walked where Jesus walked and I thought: “It’s all true!” I saw where He healed the man with the shriveled hand in Capernaum…where He walked on the waters of the Sea of Galilee…

Standing there on the shoreline where he cooked the fish for the disciples after His resurrection… Well…words can’t describe the feeling or the goose bumps!

And where He walked the narrow streets of Jerusalem by way of the Via Dolorosa to Calvary.

It’s a surreal thing to walk where Jesus walked, let me tell you! It changes your life… You’re perspective… You’re priorities… It makes you ask, “What is true? What am I living for? What’s important?” It also causes you to say, “Why do I worry so much? Why do I fret about things I have no control over?” After all…God came to earth through Jesus and He’s in control.

Pam and I were on the hillside called Mt. Precipice…

It’s here that the townspeople of Nazareth tried to toss Jesus off to His death. Can you imagine the people of your hometown being so angry with you that they would take you to the hillside the town is built upon so as to try to murder you? Why were they so incensed? Simple. He told the truth: I’m the Messiah. And yet, they refused to believe. You know it’s one thing to say something like that…but, it’s entirely another to perform miracles…like raising the dead, walking on water and healing the blind, which proved His authority as God. Only God in the flesh (Immanuel) could do those things.

Do you believe? Do I? How much? Enough to get us through our hard times financially? Enough to take the new from the doctor or the employer? Enough to hear that your child no longer believes in what you are telling him? Enough to trust the man who walked on the water and pulled Peter from death in those waters. This is Nazareth…2000 years later…

It is your town…my town… It’s people. Will we believe? Will we live like we believe or cower in fear every time there’s a new problem? Will we trust Jesus to our death…even if that’s required to give Him glory? As for me… It’s all true! 100% of it! And I’m going to keep seeking to live like I believe it.

Thank you Lord for a fantastic group of people and for the privilege of experiencing all we did together! 39 strong!

Everyone was so gracious and we had zero issues or problems. I’d go on a trip with any of these folks again in a heartbeat.

Many have asked: “When are you going back?” Well, I don’t know for sure. But, I’m thinking 3-4 years. That will be enough time for another group to form and be able to go. I’m still praying through the particulars. But, one thing is for sure… I loved traveling with this lady…

Yep, that’s her on a camel at the Dead Sea! I’m a blessed man and I praise the Lord we were able to travel together this time! I sure have a lot to be thankful for this year! (In fact I do every year!) The Lord is good and I praise His name for being so good to me… Yes, I’m exceedingly THANKFUL during this Thanksgiving Season!

Well, we had another fantastic year for our the Festival of Tables for the ladies of our church…

Rachel Carter was the speaker…

She was excellent! Truly…one of the best talks I’ve ever heard on “Surrender.” Yes, I was able to sneak in the back to the A/V desk and listen. She inspired and encouraged mightily! Thank you sister!

Is it going to snow this winter? You bet it is… See my thoughts here from this week’s TMT: “Winter 2018-19, Warm and Wet or Cold and Snowy?”¬†http://mpbc.ws/media/?sapurl=Lys3ZWViL2xiL21pLys1cWN5dDl5P2JyYW5kaW5nPXRydWUmZW1iZWQ9dHJ1ZQ==

Happy Thanksgiving!


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