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I love to garden. Anybody who knows me is well aware of that fact. I’ve been gardening for years and it is very therapeutic for me, not to mention that it saves a lot of money on the grocery bill. A few years ago, Clara, Andrew and I were planting the garden. It’s a process that usually takes one day each spring. We lined off the garden by making rows in the soil and then we planted our seeds. Usually, we plant mostly green beans, cucumbers, pumpkins and corn. They kids worked so hard helping me. When we were finished that evening, Clara was so excited! (She was like 5 or 6 years old at the time.) She exclaimed, “Daddy, I can’t wait till tomorrow morning to go pick all the beans and corn!” Clara didn’t understand. She thought the process of the seed turning to plant, turning to blooms, turning to fruit happened overnight. I wish it did, but as we all know, it doesn’t.

Gardening takes time and so does making disciples. Many people want to have families that have children who are followers of Jesus…but this just doesn’t happen overnight. It took Jesus three years to teach, train and equip his followers. Yet, they still struggled mightily. Peter comes to mind immediately. After three years of intense time with him, Peter denied even knowing Jesus three times. He even called down curses upon himself. Jesus never gave up on Peter. Peter was slow to learn, just like so many of us. If anyone could attest to the fact that making disciples is a long and hard process, it would be Jesus.

Raising a family is much like riding a roller coaster. There will be many ups and downs. We get to choose our attitude and how we will respond to those ups and downs. Still, it is easy to get impatient and tired of the tedious work. Earlier today, I shared my weekly: “Two Minute Tuesday” about how there are just 168 hours in a week. None of us get any more or any less time. It doesn’t matter if one is rich or poor, we all get the same amount of time. There are 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and that equates to 168 hours per week for each of us.

The point of my video today is that we don’t have much time to get the job done of raising a Christ-centered family. If we are going to deliver to our children a faith in Christ that is rock solid, we must guard our time like a precious treasure and use it wisely. Here’s the video in case you haven’t seen it. It’s an object lesson that’s pretty neat… I’m using water and Cheerwine to make my points. 🙂


Here’s my fear: The American Dream dominates most Christian homes. Most people see the American Dream as the pursuit of happiness and getting all the gusto out of life one can. So, we pack our schedules with all the activities we can afford in pursuit of happiness and the American Dream. Many families are seldom home at night during the week. They are constantly on the move. There are after-school activities, ball practices, extra-curricular classes, dance lessons, music lessons, tutoring, etc. The list can go on and on. Believe me…with school starting back yesterday…it’s “wide open” for many families.

If you ask one of these family members how they are doing in about 6 weeks, they will likely say, “I’m tired.” Sure they are tired. They are running from pillar to post and are utterly exhausted. Why? Because it is exhausting to pursue the American Dream. Is there anything inherently wrong with this pursuit and all of these activities? We all want our children to be well-rounded. But, we must ask ourselves this question. When are we supposed to disciple the children? When do we become students of the Word of God? When do we, ourselves, have time to become disciples so that we can in turn make disciples, if we are running around all over the place, all the time? That’s precisely the problem. If we are never together for more than a few minutes here and there, we can’t and we won’t make disciples.

Some quick questions: Do our children have to have it all? What are we saying to our children when we’re gone all the time? How are they establishing their identity? Is it in what they do (their activities) or who they are? Often I hear parents describe other people’s children in this way. They will say, “I know her. She’s a cheerleader at the middle school.” Or perhaps this way: “He’s the point guard on the basketball team at the high school.” They are known as the cheerleader, the basketball player, the dancer, the piano player, the smart kid, etc. We establish in the minds of our children, unknowingly, that they must be identified by whatever they participate in to actually “be somebody.: It is easy to see why we do so. It’s because of this pursuit of happiness and the fact that we equate happiness and our identity with going and doing and getting all we can out of life.

Many have become so enamored by the idea of the American Dream that they equate their success with it. These false, pagan ideals bombard us at every turn. They are in the grocery store check-out line. Those skinny beauties on magazine covers that say, “You can have it all if you look like me.” Commercials and billboards flash before our eyes flaunting the “good life.” They say things like: drink this, buy this, or have this and you’ll be happy. Americans today buy lottery tickets by the millions just hoping and praying they can hit the jackpot and get rich; then all their dreams will come true. But we Christians are wiser than those who pursue such frivolity, aren’t we? We can have our cake and eat it too! We can have it all, (the big house, nice cars, vacations, new clothes, nice TVs, the latest gadgets), and still raise our children right, can’t we? As long as they are well-educated, accomplished and well-liked, then all is well or is it?

How does this often work out in our culture today? We’re so busy. Often the schedule for a family is dictated by the kids’ activities. We have to look on the refrigerator at the schedule to see if we can do anything.

Now don’t get me wrong. I think it’s wonderful for our children to be involved in extra-curricular activities. Mine are. But, we are constantly asking: “How much is enough?” But, it’s not just sports and outside activities. We push our kids so hard to make the good grades don’t we. I get it. Parents (myself included) love speaking about how well our children are doing in school. There is certainly nothing wrong with academic success. I graduated at the top of my class in high school and in college. But, we must remember the words of the Apostle John when he said, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth” (3 John 4). Can we say that? Does our desire for academic or athletic success for our children eclipse this standard written by John? Let’s never forget that God does not have a room in heaven for our children’s diplomas and trophies. I can hear the words of the 12-year-old Jesus again. Can you hear them? He said he had to be about his Father’s business. What about our children? What or whose business are they about?

You know, we push our children academically and athletically. We want them to be the best they can possibly be in these areas. But what about spiritually—do we push them spiritually? Somehow, we have tied our children’s success, and in many cases, their identity, to how well they perform on the field, dance floor, court or classroom. We push them to get scholarships and get high grades in school. Then what? They graduate with a degree and get a job and start making money. Does that bring happiness and fulfillment? Jesus said we should seek the kingdom of God first and then everything else we need will be added to us (See Matthew 6:33). We might say we believe this for our children and we may even tell them that, but what do our actions show?

Folks, we must count the cost. We really cannot have it all. We may have to choose. Do we want our children to make straight-A’s or take some time to learn the Word of God and make B’s? Would we be willing for our children not to be on the travel team, even though they may be good enough, so they can be in church and have time to be involved in more spiritual training? There is a cost and a huge price to be paid if we desire to raise Godly children. It doesn’t happen by osmosis.

You know, I’m the first to admit that it’s so easy to get tangled up in living vicariously through the successes of our children, especially if they can do things we were unable to do as a child. But, it shouldn’t be an “all or nothing proposition.” We must find a balance for sure. But, we must choose wisely and remember, whatever it is that we make our children crave is what they will desire for the rest of their lives.

Hey can I ask another set of questions: If we were to ask our children about their goals in life, what would be their response? What would their answers reveal? What do they crave? What kind of legacy are we passing down to our children? Is it the American Dream, or a Christ-honoring life? Is a little Jesus here and a little Jesus there good enough?

No, an occasional rain shower or just a little bit of sun will not make a garden grow and be bountiful. A garden needs enormous amounts of sun, water and fertilizer to grow. Yes, it is wonderful that we take our children to church. However, the church house was never intended to be the place where parents drop of their children to be discipled. That job must be done in the home by the parents.

You see, mom and dad, we live in a culture today that is making our children very sick, not literally, but sin-sick. They are inundated with worldviews and philosophies that are so pagan and anti-God that it is staggering to the mind. In many schools children are taught from the first grade that their ancestors are monkeys. They are fed a steady diet of pop culture through TV, music, video games and every other form of social media. Even in a controlled atmosphere, they are contaminated every day by a mixed up world. So, a little bit of Jesus (a prayer over a meal and being dropped off for a couple of hours at church), simply won’t work! They need more, much more. They need Jesus and the Word of God to be flowing through them like an IV-drip at the hospital.

If you have ever been around a hospital, you have seen plenty of IV bags hanging from little metal stands on rollers. If the patient is sick enough, he must take that IV bag of medicine everywhere he goes. If he takes a walk down the hall, the IV goes too. The patient must receive a constant flow of his or her medicine and when the IV bag runs out, the monitor on the rolling stand signals an alarm. It beeps and beeps until the nurse comes and replaces the used bag with a new, full bag of medicine. Likewise, we must be constantly pumping Christ’s teachings and the Bible into our young people from a very early age to counteract the influences and worldviews of evolutionary thinking and secular humanism going into them. As good as most of our schools are in America, (we’ve got some fantastic ones here in Wilkes County), these schools and their teachers cannot and will not be able to teach our children about Jesus Christ. It’s illegal. Therefore, parents, as good as our coaches and instructors may be, it’s quite simply not their responsibility to teach our children the Bible and the principles of Scripture. It’s our job!


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I wrote a Daily Devotion on Monday that described the grief I experienced with the loss of my grandfather, C.M. Brown. That’s him below.CM BrownYou also see a photo to the left of me with my grandpa when I was turning 11 years old. (My dad is in the right corner of the photo). That devotion seemed to strike a chord and resonated with many. I received several emails indicating as such. And let me tell you…when you get 7 or 8 emails on a topic, you know you hit something solid…because the politicians will tell you…for every email or phone call they get it actually could represent the sentiments of hundreds (and in their case…thousands).

I’m glad my feeble attempt to describe my battle with grief seemed to help. I will share it below and hope it might do the same here.


Did you know the Lord stores our tears in a bottle?

Say what?

Yes, it’s true! The Bible teaches that the Lord stores every one of our tears in a bottle and records each one of them. See it…

Psalm 56:8

You have kept count of my tossing; put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book?

Now tell me if that’s not amazing to you! It’s certainly amazing to me! Can you fathom the fact that God has chronicled each and every tear you’ve ever cried. That’s beyond what the mind can comprehend. How does He do that? Don’t ask me! I can’t fathom how the Lord said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Therefore, keeping our tears chronicled in a bottle is not a problem for Him.

Have you every tried to think about how many tears you’ve cried? When was the time you cried the most? Was it a death? Was it a break-up? When was it? How did it happen? Were you a Christian at the time or were you lost? Think about that season of time in your life.

I’m thinking of when my grandfather died when I was 17 years old. I honestly didn’t think I could get past it. At that time in my life I had never experienced such grief and pain. It was crippling. My grandfather played such a huge role in shaping my life. He impacted me in almost every way imaginable as a young man. When he died I was angry, frustrated and quite honestly very disillusioned that God didn’t heal him. He was only 66 years old and I prayed for all I was worth that the Lord will bring him back from the cancer that was ravaging his body. But, God (in His providence) chose to take him home to heaven.

To say that I cried would be an understatement. I cried until I had no tears left. You know what that’s like don’t you. We all do. And the truth is…I’ve never lost a child or a spouse and I acknowledge in my heart and mind that would have to be worse to a degree that I’m certain I can’t comprehend. Yet, some of you reading this know what that’s like. You’ve lost your spouse or a child. The grief and pain almost took you under and held you down like being drowned in the ocean. Gasping for air…gasping for life…and when you think you can’t even survive to take the next breath…the Lord comes and delivers you to the next moment. The next minute… The next hour and finally… a day passes… a week passes… a month and then it’s a year.

The hurt and the pain never goes away…it comes back at times with such a vengeance that you’re left dumbfounded because you thought “I’m beyond this.” It even happens months later or even years. It’s a smell… It’s a flash of a memory… It’s a place on the highway or a season (Christmas) and it all comes rushing back and you cry and you hurt and you… Well…you know what you do, because it’s your life. You’ve lived it. And in all those terrible times…the Lord is there chronicling your tears. He knows. He feels the pain with you.

Never forget the shortest verse in the Bible: “Jesus wept” (John 11:35). And when Jesus cried at the tomb of Lazarus, the Father in heaven chronicled those tears as well. Jesus knows… God knows… and I’m comforted by that! I’m comforted that He knows my pain…your pain…our pain. And one day…He’ll wipe away ever tear. There will be no more mourning and no more crying. Hallelujah!

What will the Lord do with those bottles of tears? I have no idea. That will be something that we’ll learn together. Just know that in the meantime, God gave you those tear ducts to be used to bring comfort while we’re here and not a single one of them are wasted because they’re in God’s bottles.


Did you hear about the school system in Florida that sent home notes to the parents asking permission for their children to be able to recite the Pledge of Allegiance? Yep. As dumb as that sounds…it’s happening right here in the good old U-S of A! Amazing. Here’s the note:


Hey folks…if you are offended to have to recite the pledge of allegiance…you might consider moving to another country. True? I mean, come on people! Have we lost our ever-loving minds? I literally just shake my head.

I guess nothing should surprise me anymore. We have seen so many abhorrent behaviors normalized now in this country. Gay marriage has been normalized by the media, entertainment, music, TV, colleges and universities and our politicians. Even our so-called “Christian athletes” are drinking in the anti-biblical messages of our day. Russell Wilson, (according to himself: a devout Catholic) is quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, (who said several months ago that he would not have sex with his girlfriend until they were married), was just married. Many don’t realize this is his second wife. Ashton Meem, was Wilson’s wife of two years until 2104 when he divorced her. He is now married again. This time to pop star Ciara Harris. Here’s the wedding photo.


Where is that? Not in NC…where he originally planned to have the wedding…but, in Europe at a medieval castle outside of Liverpool, England. Why? He was embarrassed by the HB2 bill.

Oh Come on Russell! That seems a bit hypocritical to me Which Biblical passages are you going to adhere to sir? Will it be just the ones that suit you or the ones that aren’t politically correct? It’s almost crazy that he would take a stand not to have heterosexual sex with his girlfriend, Ciara (as was reported on numerous occasions, until they were married) but is okay with men coming into women’s bathrooms. Maybe he’s okay showering with women in the Seahawks locker room…but I wouldn’t be and I doubt his new wife will be either.

Here’s my point: we’ve seen the “normalization” of almost every type of aberrant behavior in this country. Anything goes. Do what you want! It’s all about FEELINGS! And this kind of deviancy is blasted in our faces on TV and in the news and in our schools and universities, on social media and the like…non-stop…24/7. There is simply no escaping it. And it’s engrained n our society now. And what is more… If you don’t bow down to the “sex gods” of our day, you’re on the wrong side of history. I’ve been told that so many times over the last year that I need to: “move on” when it comes to gay marriage and transgendered rights and people baking cakes and t-shirts and taking pictures… (forcibly against their consciences)… that I can’t keep up with it all.

Well folks…I’m not MOVING ON…because I can’t. I can’t teach and preach God’s Word for a living and say that these “normalized” lifestyles are “right” and biblical any more than a 2nd grade math teacher can teach 1 +1 = 3. It’s wrong! Period. And these kinds of lifestyles have been for thousands of years in every society on earth…from the tribes of Africa to the plains of the American west to everywhere in between until the last 25-30 years. Even Obama and Clinton both said “same-sex” marriage was wrong, until just a few years ago.

Folks, somebody has to teach the truth! Somebody has to hold up the Word of God as the authority for life. Somebody has to say, “Every man doing what is right in his own eyes” will lead to sufferable consequences. So, will you stand or will you wilt?

You know, even so-called Christian sites that send me emails are wilting. They are falling in line with the mantra of today to accept all of this politically correct stuff and they are nothing more than like the proverbial sheep being led to the slaughter. Don’t fall for it folks. Be encouraged.

Be encouraged there are still vestiges of good. Did you hear about the ruling out of Texas yesterday?


I’m grateful for the judge, Reed O’Connor (appointed by George W. Bush…that ought to tell you something… because it would have been a different story with an Obama appointee)…

Reed-OConnor_bigHe stood on principle versus political correctness. But, again…you know where this is going don’t you? Yep…Supreme Court. The court that’s split 4-4 with a vacant seat. Again…that’s why November is so important.

So stand good people…stand in love and stand in compassion…but stand. And don’t ever forget…what people need is Jesus. They need Jesus. Not a pat on the head to continue to live a lifestyle that the Bible teaches as sin. People need Jesus. Let’s never forget that.


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Here’s today’s Two-Minute Tuesday.


Here’s the upshot of it…

I saw recently, first-hand how a Christian got hammered on every side (most notably from so-called “Christians:) for saying what the Bible teaches on a particular subject. They were kind and genuine, respect and gracious. It didn’t matter. They got hammered anyway for being out of touch. Can I be honest folks? It just gets old. It wears a person out. When you keep taking it and taking it and taking it on the chin. At every turn…bang…bang…bang. It makes a person want to retreat and say, “It’s not worth it!”

Yet, that’s why the Scripture teaches that we are soldiers and athletes…even farmers. Each of these examples show how we must persevere in the face of great struggle and conflict. The question is: Will we? Or will we abandon the fight altogether. You see, the ultimate goal of Satan is to beat us into submission where Christians cower in fear and keep their mouths shut. Where Christians no longer engage the culture but retreat.

I know I speak of this a lot and forgive me for beating a dead horse, but it’s a tremendous burden on my heart for what the future holds for our children and grandchildren. It’s sad that we are leaving them in such a mess. It’s like we went and had a steak dinner and we left them the bill and only the fat scraps. Sorry kids! Sorry grandchildren! You pay the bill! It burdens my heart and that’s why I pray and ask the Lord to have mercy on us. I hope you continue to pray too. Pray for our leaders. Pray for the Church in America to stand for truth and continue to take the Good News of Jesus to a pagan culture even though we are going to be misrepresented and mistreated. Pray for endurance and courage. Pray for stamina and a heart of compassion for those who persecute us and despitefully use us.

I read this article and found it interesting… http://www.intellectualtakeout.org/blog/what-social-media-doing-our-childrens-morals?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=6406765&utm_content=newsletter(6406765)&utm_term=newsletter

On another note, I ask you to pray for Andrew. This was him before one of his previous surgeries on his feet.

Andrew before surgeryHe has another surgery on his feet on Thursday. I believe it’s #4. The truth is…I’ve lost count.

We have to take him to the Shriner’s Hospital tomorrow for pre-op. He’s surgery is Thursday and there’s the possibility he could come home on Thursday evening. Worst case it will Friday. He’s a tough little fella, but we appreciate the prayers. Another screw is needed in both (inside ankles) of his feet to correct his feet from dipping in as they are now. Thanks for your prayers!


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I just read an article by Dr. Russell Moore of the Ethics Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. He was talking about how to engage the culture in the post-Christian country we find ourselves in today.

Here’s his thoughts (below). Just a quick excerpt. Really good stuff:

The test will be if we can engage the culture without losing the gospel. If we ever were a moral majority, we are no longer. As the secularizing and sexualizing revolutions whir on, it is no longer possible to pretend that we represent the “real America,” a majority of God-loving, hard-working, salt-of-the-earth cultural conservatives like us. Accordingly, we will engage the culture less like the chaplains of some idyllic Mayberry and more like the apostles in the Book of Acts. We will be speaking not primarily to baptized pagans on someone’s church roll, but to those who are hearing something new, maybe for the first time. We will hardly be “normal,” but we should never have tried to be.

I believe Moore is right. Honestly, the younger generation will embrace the Gospel better than my generation. Much of my generation is weak. We were handed the Gospel on a silver platter and we’ve done little with it. I’m sorry to say the next generation is being handed the Gospel on a napkin, but I believe they’ll run with it. Yes, there will be fewer self-identified “Biblical” Christians going forward in this nation, but that’s good. We’ll see the true Christians versus the cultural Christians. It used to be easy to be a Christian in this country. Not any more. It’s going to cost Christians to be “Bible-believing” Christians going forward.

I read another interesting article last night from a college professor at Notre Dame. His name is Patrick Deneen and he teaches political science at Notre Dame. He also taught at Princeton and Georgetown. He described his students as “know-nothings… devoid of any substantial knowledge.” As I was reading his article, he quoted an essay titled “Exercises in Unreality: The Decline of Teaching Western Civilization,”Anthony Esolen, who describes a university climate today in which many students and professors no longer possess the knowledge and skills that their peers of previous generations took for granted:

“But what if you know hardly anything about anything at all? That is an exaggeration, but it does capture much of what I must confront as a professor of English right now, even at our school, which accepts only a small fraction of students who apply for admission. Nor, I’m afraid, does it apply only to freshmen. It applies also to professors.”

He explains:

“I now regularly meet students who have never heard the names of most English authors who lived before 1900. That includes Milton, Chaucer, Pope, Wordsworth, Byron, Keats, Tennyson, and Yeats. Poetry has been largely abandoned. Their knowledge of English grammar is spotty at best and often nonexistent. That is because grammar, as its own subject worthy of systematic study, has been abandoned. Those of my students who know some grammar took Latin in high school or were taught at home. The writing of most students is irreparable in the way that aphasia is. You cannot point to a sentence and say, simply, ‘Your verb here does not agree with your subject.’ That is not only because they do not understand the terms of the comment. It is also because many of their sentences will have no clear subject or verb to begin with. The students make grammatical errors for which there are no names. Their experience of the written language has been formed by junk fiction in school, text messages, blog posts, blather on the airwaves, and the bureaucratic sludge that they are taught for ‘formal’ writing, and that George Orwell identified and skewered seventy years ago. The best of them are bad writers of English; the others write no language known to man.”

Is that sad or what?

I’ve been reflecting lately a lot about what it means to remember the Lord’s goodness in times of hardship. I wrote this yesterday in the Daily Devotion:

Yet, these are the times that we must remember the goodness of the Lord! These are the times when we must not let our circumstances dictate how we choose to see the situation. These are the times when we must not rely on our feelings, but on what we know. We must CHOOSE to “give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.” We must CHOOSE to reflect on how He has delivered us in the past and that “his steadfast loves endures forever.” We must remember to “utter the mighty deeds of the Lord,” because it’s when we do that we’ll be reminded that the Lord is unchanging and steadfast in His love for us. It’s when we praise Him in the midst of uncertainty and pain that He receives glory and honor. It’s when we lift our hands to heaven as the tears flow down our cheeks that we can sense His power filling our lives slowly but surely. It’s in the defeat that we can sense victory! Do you see that? You must see that?

Listen, this life is a training ground. It’s not heaven and we’ve got to stop trying to make it heaven. When sin came into the world, it destroyed paradise and brought devastation. And with that devastation comes pain. The question is: WILL WE CONTINUE TO GIVE THANKS IN THE PAIN? Can we fight through our emotions and our broken dreams or bitter defeats and still see that Jesus is enough… Jesus is faithful… Jesus is worthy.

Do you agree? Is Jesus worthy?

Here’s a picture of the church.


It’s hard to believe we’ve been in this building for 10 years. We’re getting it close to being paid off. We owe just under $677,000. That’s not bad since we started out owing close to $3 million. We should pay it off in about 3 1/2 years at our current rate of giving. Thankfully the church continues to operate in the black. That’s saying something for a place where, when Pastor Brad and I took over, we had $12 in the General checking account. Most don’t know we were on the brink of collapse. Attendance was dropping and things were looking pretty bad. I really thought to myself “What have I done!” That will be nine years ago this Thursday, (August 12th). I was named “Senior Pastor” that day. (I hate that title…and I refuse it…I’m simply just a pastor/elder like Dale Jennings and Brad Cordray. The Senior Shepherd of this church is Jesus Christ :))

Yes, the Lord had mercy on us and has shown His favor and we’re now averaging 607 people for our three services combined. We average right around 300 people on Wednesday nights. How crazy is that? Our attendance since going to three services is up 10.4% and we’ve added 68 people in the last year. Folks, the average size church in NC is 75 people. So, we’ve added almost an entire church in one year. I think going to three services was a success, don’t you? 🙂

Here’s how the church looked in our second service before we went to three services last October 2015.


And for all the money people… You know who you are! 🙂 Our total giving year-to-date is currently $103,000 over budget and that’s with a budget increase of over 10% last year. Hey…you add people…it’s just like adding a baby to your family…your budget goes up. Our projected budget in the coming year is projected to be just under one million dollars.

This is all taking place while the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is shrinking. According to the Annual Church Profile Report, last year attendance in the 46,764 churches across America decreased by 97,381 to 5.6 million people. And here’s the sad thing. There are 15.3 million members of SBC churches. Do you get that? Only 36% of the membership attends church weekly and only 23.6% attend Sunday School.

Why do I tell you all of this? Simple. The Lord is blessing and He is to be praised! This is a work that He is doing! How long will it continue? Will we continue to grow? I have no idea. I’m not seeking growth. None of our leadership is seeking growth. It’s just happening. What I want to do is to be faithful to the Gospel of Jesus and preach the truth of His word. Our music is impeccable and is such a tremendous draw! I’m telling you…the talent the Lord has blessed us with here is beyond belief. Pastor Brad does an unbelievable jump of putting together our teams and leading them. I don’t think people realize how talented he is to do this. He’s not only gifted musically, his organizational skills are truly wonderful!

Hey…do you think you don’t have much to offer the Lord? Think again… Here’s today’s “Two-Minute Tuesday.” (By the way, we had a family here this past Sunday who said they came to visit because of the TMT’s.)




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I never cease to be amazed at what is called: “the truth” as reported by the media. The national, mainstream media is so biased and so liberal it’s beyond my comprehension. If you read the headlines on CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, et al… you would think Donald Trump is Satan-incarnate and Hillary Clinton is Mother Teresa. You would think Black Lives Matters is the greatest thing since sliced bread and that people like Franklin Graham are bigots and hate-mongers. Isn’t it amazing how things are so upside-down?

How has this happened? Simple answer: slowly and subtly. If you begin to investigate a bit about those calling the shots in the major news organizations, you’ll find many of them espousing the progressive liberal teaching they received in Ivy League universities and very liberal colleges. This kind of thinking and teaching started in the 1960s and those college students are now (by and large) college the shots today.

Watch the nightly news. Pick a station. NBC, ABC, CBS…all liberal. They say that the world is melting, Christians are a bigger problem than ISIS (because we don’t want men in our wives’ and little girls’ bathrooms) and anyone who is a conservative thinker is a moron. The animus is so blatant and raw, it’s almost beyond comprehension.

A prime example of this kind of skewed thinking came from Katie Couric, (reporting for Yahoo News), who interviewed former Republican Presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson after the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. This segment is less than 3-minutes and well worth your time. Watch the bias and watch how Carson calmly and carefully defuses the liberal agenda of Couric.

Now Katie Couric is a nice lady. She graduated from the University of Virginia and was raised a Presbyterian. Yet Couric has been drinking the Kool-Aid for so long that she can’t see the world through the lens of Scripture…she sees it through the lens of the culture. Today it’s all about feelings! It’s all about what I want to do. Carson hit the nail on the head when he said “Tolerance works both ways.”

You see, here’s what I believe we need to understand today. We need to understand WHERE DOES AUTHORITY COME FROM? Is the authority: God and His Word, or is the authority Man and his ways. Ever man does what is right in his own eyes. Folks, we’re sinners. We are in desperate need of God’s authority in our lives. But to receive that authority means we must humble ourselves and submit (yes, SUBMIT) to God. That means we die to ourselves and take up our cross and follow Him. Yet, people don’t want to do that! No sir! They want to be the authority! They want to be the captain of their ship! Who are you to tell me how I’m supposed to live? I’m not going to listen to what some preacher says or what some bloviating idiot says from a book that’s thousands of years old (the Bible). I’m the authority! I’ll listen to what man says. I’ll listen to the “experts” from Harvard or Yale or UVA. I’ll listen to what the scientists say at MIT or UC-Berkeley. They are the authority! Not God!!!!

Over time (decades now), people have now exchanged the knowledge of God for the knowledge of man. Just remember folks, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Mankind is wallowing in sin. The answer: Jesus. And the further we try to remove ourselves from Him, the further we fall into deeper and deeper degradation and sin. Look at where we are as a culture today. We’re sick! The Bible says in Proverbs 1:7, The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, fools despise wisdom and instruction.

In light of this, let me share about a very thought-provoking piece I read recently titled:

“President Obama’s Sex-Driven War on Science”

By: Gerard V. Bradley is Professor of Law at the University of Notre Dame Law School 


What I want to do is share a few paragraphs from the article that I believe helps give insight into the line of thinking that is permeating the media, the courts and many of our national leaders today. As I go through this (and this will take a couple of minutes…I believe it will be worthwhile if you will hang in there). There is significant insight here. And parents of teens, you need to help your children see the truth of what is happening in the world they’re living in today. They are the ones who are inundated with social media that espouses almost non-stop a left-leaning, liberal dogma that could ultimately destroy your children. Why? Because most of it is unashamedly anti-God and anti-Bible.

Here’s and excerpt of the article below (PLEASE NOTE: I’ll add comments in bold.)

For years, Obama administration lawyers argued for “gay rights,” including same-sex marriage, on the basis that sexual orientation was an inborn characteristic, and that it was contrary to our constitutional traditions to treat anyone adversely due to a trait over which one had no control or choice. In his 2011 letter to Congress announcing that the administration would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court, for instance, Attorney General Eric Holder stated that “a growing scientific consensus accepts that sexual orientation is a characteristic that is immutable.” That claim was unsupported by scientific evidence when Holder made it.

Do you understand that folks? Holder’s claim that according to science that people are born gay is “unsupported by scientific evidence.” 

That claim is certainly false, as a recent review of the scientific literature by Clifford Rosky and Lisa Diamond (neither a friend of traditional sexual ethics) conclusively shows.

Okay, this is the part I really wanted you to see. This is unreal!

Even so, in April 2015 the president called for an end to what he called “conversion” therapies for same-sex attracted youths.

This means that a therapist or counselor or psychiatrist can no longer try to help a teenager who is struggling with same-sex attraction to potentially have a desire for the opposite sex. In other words, if a young 15-year-old boy is having same-sex attractions for other young men…he can’t be counseled in any way to potentially consider that (since he was created a young man that he might simply be going through some confusing times and might need to talk about his sexual feelings, which might could lead to a place where he could be attracted to girls.) No way! That’s not allowed by the Obama Administration! You’ve got to tell that young man… “Yes…go for it…embrace your same-sex attraction…of course you are a homosexual young man.”

In fact, the president would ban a lot more than any sexual orientation change regimen. He would effectively make it illegal for a psychologist or psychiatrist to discuss with anyone under eighteen the conflicts between his or her sexual feelings and that person’s own long-term goals and interests. The president would brush aside a teen’s expressed desire to develop stable heterosexuality. He would ignore overwhelming scientific evidence that the vast majority (80-90 percent) of teenage boys and more than half of teenage girls who report same-sex attractions (and in some cases, a homosexual or lesbian identity) turn out by age twenty-five or so to be peacefully heterosexual, in favor of a policy to make professional assistance during these passing difficulties illegal.

Friend, if that doesn’t burn you up, I don’t know what will. This kind of thinking says: “You can’t even help a teenager even discuss the possibility of being a heterosexual. You can only talk to them about embracing homosexuality.” Folks, do you see the agenda here? There is no care and concern for the young adult. No sir! Just pat them on the head and leave them in their confusion and pain and watch them struggle potentially for the rest of their lives because no one was allowed to roll up their sleeves and try to help them in their struggle. The audacity of this type of thinking is disgusting!

The president’s policy would entail that the traumas and pathologies that so often underlie these expressions of homosexuality and lesbianism be left untreated, all so that the afflicted youth can be “affirmed” in their self-reported sexual identity.

In this case, the president had much of the scientific establishment behind him, for it too has bought into the ideology of sexual subjectivism and has sought to marginalize those professionals who engage these teens in discussions to get at the root of their issues. In his remarks justifying repression of these professional efforts, Obama relied on the bane of scientific research—the anecdote, salted heavily with gratuitous attributions of a cause-and-effect relationship to coincident facts. Obama cited the case of a transgendered youth who committed suicide, sometime after his parents refused to consent to his “transition” to female. The parents also insisted that he undergo therapy to help him accept his male identity. The president implied that this resistance to “transitioning” to female led this young man to suicide.

Now folks, how in the name of heaven could Barak Obama know that? Is he God?

It is obvious from a glance at the facts surrounding Joshua “Leelah” Alcorn’s death that he suffered from a variety of psychological difficulties, including depression and deep social alienation. No competent professional—much less the commander-in-chief of the United States—could diagnose the etiology of his suicide.

Amen and amen!!! 

It is curious that President Obama marshaled support for his opposition to sexual orientation counseling by citing this case of gender dysphoria (a state of unease or general dissatisfaction with life). The imagined connection seems to be that “Leelah” Alcorn was a boy who was attracted to boys, and may have sought to “transition” to female partly in order to become heterosexual. The president’s position is evidently that a boy who wishes to become attracted to girls should not be allowed professional help to do so, but that a boy who wishes to actually become a girl should have access to all the professional help he desires.

Okay…you’ve got to read that sentence again. Read this carefully…

The president’s position is evidently that a boy who wishes to become attracted to girls should not be allowed professional help to do so, but that a boy who wishes to actually become a girl should have access to all the professional help he desires.

Man oh man…is your blood boiling yet? Did anybody really care about that young man or did they just want to make him a statistic for their cause! Did they care about his pain at night when he probably wrestled with who he was and why he was here? What if a Christian counselor could have talked to him about God and His plan for the young man’s life? What if the young man could understand that he was fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139)? What if the young man could have known that Jesus died for Him to see Him free? What if the young man could have known that the pain inside could have been lovingly and carefully dealt with and prayed through with someone who really cared?

Now the Obama administration has gone all in on its pro-transgender ideology. The federal government recently sued North Carolina and threatens it—and school districts and state agencies across the nation—with draconian penalties unless they toe the administration’s line on how to treat teens who believe that they were “assigned” the wrong sex at birth. The administration has decreed that civil rights provisions about “sex” discrimination must be informed by a definition of “sex” dictated not by the facts of nature but by the self-interpretation of the relevant fourteen-year-old.

See it? “Not by the facts of nature, but by the self-interpretation” of a 14-year old. Folks, I won’t let a 14-year-old pick out a car on their own…much less changing their sexual identity.

The administration would thus require every municipal recipient of federal funds to make the girls’ restroom available to boys who “self-identify” as girls. No accommodation of these troubled teens short of that—say, by making sure that there is a unisex restroom readily available—will do. The basis for this uncompromising stance is clearly that using the restroom of choice makes these conflicted boys feel like they are being accepted as girls, and that this is a happy outcome for the afflicted teen.

It is not. There is no scientific evidence that treating boys as girls solves these teens’ genuine, and usually serious, psychological and emotional problems, as the research and clinical experience of Dr. Paul McHugh (among others) reliably shows. Gender dysphoria—unease with one’s sex as male or female—deserves to be treated compassionately and competently.

Yes…yes…yes…amen and amen and amen… “treated compassionately and competently.”

But affirming the desire of anyone suffering from it to be treated as if he is a she, and vice versa, leaves the emotional and psychological problems hidden behind the claim untreated. (And in no case is sex-reassignment surgery ever medically indicated.) The compassionate and professionally competent approach to treating those with gender dysphoria is to help them to solve their underlying problems, and so to help them to come to live peacefully as the male or female that God created them.

Hallelujah. There’s the answer: “help them to solve their underlying problems.” Yes…yes… “help them to come to live peacefully as the male or female that God created them.” You see, that’s God’s authority over man’s authority. 

President Obama has not said that science is to be the alpha and the omega of government policy. Nor should he: science by itself does not have the capacity to generate the moral norms, including norms of justice, that are essential to finally justifying any purposeful human action. But science very often generates information and insights vital to deliberation and choice of social policy. This is true with regard to what today might be called “adolescent sexual health.” And in spite of his triumphalist advertisement of fidelity to scientific fact, Obama has sacrificed the well-being of our nation’s youth on the altar of ideology.

Gerard V. Bradley is Professor of Law at the University of Notre Dame Law School and a Senior Fellow of the Witherspoon Institute, where he is Chair of the Academic Committee of the Simon Center on Religion and the Constitution. 

Full article here: http://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2016/08/17479/?utm_source=The+Witherspoon+Institute&utm_campaign=780f5e1514-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_15ce6af37b-780f5e1514-84178373

Thanks for reading a longer than usual blog post, but I felt this one was so important and so vital. We must, must, must understand what is slowly and subtly happening in our society regarding “the truth and knowledge.” If we don’t, we’ll all be like sheep led to the slaughter.


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